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The international homeopathic medical society Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI), established in Rotterdam in 1925, represents homeopathic physicians in more than 70 countries all over the world. The purposes of the association are the development and securing of homeopathy worldwide and the creation of a link among licensed homeopaths with medical diplomas and societies and persons who are interested in homeopathy. The LMHI is exclusively devoted to non-profit activities serving philanthropic benefits.

LMHI Newsletter No. 10 - December 2013

Ti_LMHI newsletter No.10 - December 2013.In the current issue of the LMHI e-newsletter, the newly elected President Dr Renzo Galassi introduces you to his team and working goals for the next three years. Important achievements have already been made during the past months in several of the various working fields of the LMHI, such as education, public relations and provings. Dr Galassi's overall aim is to see contributions to the work and common efforts of the LMHI from every place of the world. You are all cordially invited to share your experiences by joining one of the LMHI's working groups and to thus support the ambitious goal "to create a link" among all homeopaths in the world.

LMHI Newsletter No. 10 - December 2013

Liga Letter Vol. 19 - Review 2013

Ti_Liga Letter 2013_englishThe Liga Letter is the traditional annual publication of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) for its members. It offers you an impressive review of the past LMHI Congress and an insight into important LMHI developements and decisions. It is edited in English and translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. This is the last version produced by Dr Sandra M. Chase and Christina M. Caffi out of the Fairfax, Virginia, office in the USA.after nineteen years of editing.

The LIGA Letter Vol. 19 - Review 2013

LMHI Congress 2014

Homeopathy on the Move: Strategies and Criteria for Healing

69th LMHI Congress, 16-19 July 2014, Paris/France

Homeopathy on the MoveThe French Homoeopathic Medical Doctors are both honoured and pleased to welcome you all in Paris, the City of Light and of the Enlightenment and the last residence of Samuel Hahnemann, on the occasion of the 69th Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis. The central theme of this annual high-level LMHI meeting will focus on the clinical practice of homeopathic doctors and will offer an exciting exchange of experiences taking into consideration the variety of different approaches and strategies around the world. The venue chosen for the Congress is particularly special: the Palais des Congrès in Paris, an exclusive location centrally situated in the heart of the city.

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LMHI accepted as a Non-Profit Organization

In March 2013, the LMHI moved its statutory seat from Geneva, Switzerland, to the original house of Dr Samuel Hahnemann in Koethen (Anhalt), Germany. One of the reasons for this decisive step was the intention to achieve the status of a non-profit organization for the LMHI. In August 2013, the German tax offices granted the LMHI this status of a non-profit organization. From now on, the LMHI has the possibility to receive donations and issue receipts.

Donations to LMHI

Dr. Renzo Galassi appointed new LMHI President

Renzo Galassi - LMHI President

Dr. Renzo Galassi from Macerata, Italy, was appointed LMHI President 2013-2016 at the 68th LMHI World Medical Congress in Quito, Ecuador, on 3 June 2013. Galassi has been a member of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) since 1985 and has previously served the LMHI as General Secretary from 2007-2010 and as Prime Vice President from 2010-2013.

Dr. Renzo Galassi appointed new LMHI President

LMHI Congress 2013 in Quito was a great success

Around 400 participants from 30 different countries of all continents of the world participated in the 68th LMHI Congress that took place in Quito, Ecuador, from 04-07 June 2013. The homeopathic medical conference was hosted by the Ecuadorian Homeopathic Medical Society (SOMHE), the central theme was "The paradigm of Homeopathic Medice".

Prior to the congress opening, the International Council of the LMHI elected a new Executive Committee (EC) for the governance period 2013-2016. Dr Renzo Galassi (Italy) was elected as LMHI President. New LMHI Vice-President is Dr Alok Pareek (India), Dr Jelka Milić (Croatia) follows Dr Thomas Peinbauer (Austria) as General Secretary. Peinbauer resigned from the EC to fully concentrate on this responsibilities as President of the European Committee of Homeopathy (ECH). Old and new Treasurer is Dr Yves Faingnaert (Belgium).

You will find all members of the Executive Committee, including the various Secretaries, in the section LMHI Governance > Executive Committee.

LMHI Congress 2013 in Quito was a great success

LMHI International Council Meeting 2013 in Quito, Ecuador

Invitation, Agenda, Country and Executive Reports, Applications for Executive Committee 2013-2016

The LMHI Executive Officers takes great pleasure in inviting you to the IC Meeting 2013 in Quito, Ecuador, on the occasion of the 68th Liga Congress. It will take place on 3 June 2013 (9 am-5 pm) at the Congress venue "Swissotel Quito".

Detailed information is available in the login-protected section "International Council".

Scientific Framework Homeopathy - Evidenced Based Homeopathy 2013

This joint publication of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) and the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH) was revised edition after 67th LMHI Congress, September 2012 (Nara, Japan). The aim is to consider all important aspects of the scientific framework of homeopathic practice including ethical questions, evaluation of daily practice, looking at the level of scientific evidence of each of these aspects.

Scientific Framework Homeopathy - Evidenced Based Homeopathy 2013

3rd edition of LMHI Guidelines on Clinical Verification of Homeopathic Symptoms

Systematic clinical data collection must match contemporary reality as a whole. The aim of these guidelines is to promote convergence in the publications on verification of homeopathic symptoms.

3rd edition of LMHI Guidelines on Clinical Verification of Homeopathic Symptoms

LMHI Celebrates International Homeopathy Day 2013 in Bogotá, Colombia

The International Homeopathy Day 2013, celebrated on the occasion of Samuel Hahnemann's birthday, was held in Bogotá, Colombia, on 13 April 2013 along with an International Symposium "Homeopathy in the XXI Century". The IHD 2013 was organized by the LMHI member association "Fundación Instituto Colombiano de Homeopatía Luis G. Páez". The LMHI was represented by Dr José Matuk, LMHI President (Mexico), and Dr Edgar Godoy, LMHI Secretary for Archives (Ecuador).

LMHI celebrates IHD 2013 in Bogotá, Colombia

CCRH publication provides reference of homeopathic research conducted by Indian scientists

On the occasion of the International Homeopathy Day 2013 (World Homeopathic Day), the Government of India, Department of AYUSH/Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has published a new publication titled ‘Homoeopathy - Science of Gentle Healing'. It traces the development of Homeopathy and its successful institutionalization in India. The chapter on research and development provides a ready reference of the studies of some published clinical and basic research studies conducted by Indian scientists.

CCRH Publication "Homoeopathy - Science of Gentle Healing"

Back to the roots of homeopathy: LMHI moves seat to Hahnemann City of Köthen

Koethen Hahnemannhouse

The LMHI has moved its statutory seat from Geneva, Switzerland, to the original house of Dr Samuel Hahnemann in Koethen (Anhalt), Germany. This move was celebrated in the presence of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Science and Economic Affairs of Saxony-Anhalt Marco Tullner, Koethen's Lord Mayor Kurt-Juergen Zander and other city representatives from the City of Koethen, the LMHI Executive Board, and more than 50 guests from all around the world, including India, Bangladesh, Japan, Turkey, and Serbia, but also from Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands, in a joyful and moving ceremony on 16 March 2013. From 1821 to 1835, Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, lived and praticed in "Wallstraße 47" and it is here where he wrote his work "Chronic Diseases" in 1828. His former residence has been extensively restored by the Hahnemannhouse-Society.

LMHI Celebration in Koethen on 16 March - Picture Gallery

LMHI Congress 2012 in Nara/Japan ended as a success

Logo LMHI Congress 2012

The 67th Congress of the LMHI (LMHI Congress 2012) was held in Nara, Japan, from 14-17 September 2012. Thanks to the efforts of the Japanese Physicians Society for Homeopathy (JPSH) in cooperation with the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI), the Congress ended as a great success. More than 300 homeopathic doctors from 32 different countries of the world, including 196 participants from Japan, came together to share their advances in interesting and useful approaches to homeopathic solutions. "We believe that the success of this congress will further enhance the value of LMHI and the betterment for the future studies", stated Dr. Ronko Itamura, Senior Director of JPSH and the LMHI's National Vice-President for Japan. As a result of the discussion at the congress, the following conclusions were reached:

Nara Declaration

Accreditation of Homeopathic Teaching Centres

One of the most essential functions the LMHI has is that of being the guardian and preserving institution of the timeless qualities of homeopathy. The LIGA achieves this goal by promulgating excellent Homeopathic Medical Education Standards and by encouraging all schools and homeopathic medical associations worldwide and all of their members to provide the best possible homeopathic education to their members.

Accreditation of Homeopathic Teaching Centres

South Africa as new member country of the LMHI

HSA National Secretary Neil Gower, HSA President Danny Pillay and LMHI Past President Ulrich D. Fischer (f.l.t.r.)

Dr. Ulrich D. Fischer, Past President of the LMHI, was invited to attend the Congress of the Homeopathic Association of South Africa (HSA) in late April. South Africa has been accepted as a new member country of the LMHI. at the December 2011 meeting of the LMHI International Council in New Dehli.

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Homeopathic Medicine/Remedy Definition

September 2010

According to several EU directives concerning the registration procedure of homeopathic medicinal products for human and veterinary use, the homeopathic remedy definition must take into consideration two elements: the homeopathic use and the homeopathic nature of the stock/raw material. In the LMHI-ECH document about “Medical Homeopathic Education Standards”, “Homeopathy” is defined as: “a method of medical practice, aimed at improving the level of health of an organism by the administration of proven and sucussed/triturated medicines, which are individually selected in accordance with the law of similars.” In order to arrive to a more complete definition for the homeopathic medicine/remedy, three aspects must be considered.


"Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy" by the House of Commons Science

Response by the European Committee for Homeopathy ECH and the International Homeopathic Medical League LMHI 

In a report published 22 February 2010, the Science and Technology Committee of the United Kingdom House of Commons concludes that homeopathy is not efficacious (that is, it does not work beyond the placebo effect), that explanations for why homeopathy would work are scientifically implausible and that further clinical trials of homeopathy could not be justified. Furthermore, it concludes that the NHS should cease funding homeopathy and that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) should no longer license homeopathic medicines.

Remarkably, just 4 of the 14 members of the Science and Technology Committee voted on this report: 3 for, one against. One of its three signatories has stridently campaigned against homeopathy and continued to do so even in the period between the hearings and the publication of the report.

The European Committee for Homeopathy ECH and the International Homeopathic Medical League LMHI find the conclusions and recommendations of the Science and Technology Committee completely unfounded. The report is highly tendentious and fundamentally flawed, consistently misrepresenting the scientific evidence to the detriment of homeopathy and making unfounded and pejorative allegations against those who advocate or practise homeopathy.


Beneficial effect of homeopathic medicines on breast cancer cells

A recent study published in the International Journal of Oncology has demonstrated the beneficial effects of homeopathic medicines on breast cancer cells.

In 1999 the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) evaluated a cancer treatment protocol developed at the P. Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation (PBHRF) in Kolkata, India. The ‘Banerji protocol’ used specific ultra-diluted natural substances to treat patients with different cancers. The NCI reviewed 10 patients treated on the Banerji protocol. In four of the cases with lung and esophageal cancers, the NCI confirmed partial responses. All patients reviewed had appropriate pathology and imaging studies to confirm diagnosis and response. The patients only received the remedies prescribed at the PBHRF clinic and did not receive any additional conventional treatment, such as surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. After rigorous evaluation, the NCI concluded that there was sufficient evidence of efficacy to warrant further research of the Banerji protocol.


"Some pilot studies demonstrate that homeopathy can be effective in treating epidemic diseases."

Re: "WHO warns against homeopathy use"

Letter from LMHI President Dr Ulrich D. Fischer to Dr Margaret Chan, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), regarding the WHO's position on homeopathic medicines.


Epidemic Diseases:

LMHI Guideline for Clinical Data Collection

Historically, homeopathy always acts very well in pandemic situations. To confirm this fact nowadays, homeopaths have to collect the clinical data of their influenza patients.

The first aim is to define the "genius epidemicus", first at the office of each MD, later on in each country and finally worldwide. Taking some time for this analysis is winning time for next consultations to everybody.
The second aim will be to have the possibility to do a retrospective survey on the pandemic situation when it will be passed.