Hungary-National Vice President for Hungary

Dr. Fruzsina Gabor

LMHI Report

The MHOE (Magyar Homeopata Orvosi Egyesület = Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association) has received the accreditation of the ECH, so about 60 Hungarian homeopaths were presented the European Homeopathic Diploma issued by the ECH in 2008. We work on the obtaining the acceptance of these diplomas by the Hungarian authorities. This year the Medical College of the Semmelweis University in Budapest has started to organize the teaching of homeopathy throughout a semester. This is an optional course, ending with an exam. A few teachers of MHOE wrote a book on homeopathic treatment of some common ailments for advanced non-professionals and for homeopaths. (Homeopátia Kézikönyve, Puedlo Kiadó, Budapest 2007) The book is very popular and successful among the lay public and professionals alike.