LMHI: Governing bodies

I. International Council

    • Composition: Each country or nation is entitled to elect/have one National Vice President. If a country or nation does not possess an institutional member, then the individual members of such country or nation are entitled to elect one representative to the International Council.

    • Powers: Election of Executive Committee and the National Vice Presidents; appointment of Working Committees; election of new members; setting of annual fees, approving of annual report of the Executive Committee, the Budget and the Report of the Auditor; modification or amendment of the Constitution; ratification of the Procedures; dissolution of the association and disposition of its property; passage of resolutions concerning business that is reserved for the International Council by the Constitution, the Law or the Procedures.

II.  Management and Administration

    • Executive Committee
        1) Composition:  The President, the Immediate Past President, the Vice President, Genera Secretary, the other Secretaries and the Treasurer.
        2) Powers:  Management of the business of the association, exercising all powers of the association except those explicitly reserved for the International Council in the Constitution.

    • General Secretariat
        1) Composition:  The General Secretary and one or more Secretaries
        2) Powers:  Administration of the association, as well as informing the members. The General Secretariat is subordinated to the Executive Committee.

III.  The Auditor

    • Composition:  Two individual or associate members elected by the International Council at its annual meeting for a term of one year.
    • Powers:  Checking of the accounting of the association and submission of a written report to the International Council on the Annual Balance Sheet giving a result of their audit.