The Liga Letter - Annual Publication for LMHI Members

The Liga Letter is the traditional annual publication of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) for its members. It offers you an impressive review of the past LMHI Congress and an insight into important LMHI developements and decisions. It is edited in English, and translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Contact: Dr. Richard Hiltner, LMHI Secretary for the Liga Letter OR

The Liga Letter Vol. 21 - Review 2015

The Liga Letter Vol. 20 - Review 2014

The LIGA Letter Vol. 18 - Review 2012

The LIGA Letter Vol. 17 - Review 2011

The LIGA Letter Vol. 16 - Review 2010

The Liga Letter Vol. 14 - Review 2008

The Liga Letter Vol. 13 - Review 2007