International Homeopathy Day 2013, Colombia

The International Homeopathy Day 2013 (IHD 2013), celebrated each year on the occasion of Samuel Hahnemann's birthday, was held in Bogotá, Colombia, on 13 April 2013, it was organized by the LMHI member association "Fundación Instituto Colombiano de Homeopatía Luis G. Páez". The LMHI was represented by Dr José Matuk, LMHI President (Mexico), and Dr Edgar Godoy, LMHI Secretary for Archives (Ecuador).

International Symposium "Homeopathy in the XXI Century"

13 April 2013, Bogotá, Colombia
Cosmos 100 Hotel (Calle 100 # 21A-41 PBX (57-1) 6464000)

International Representatives:
José Matuk (Mexico) - President of the LMHI
Edgar Godoy (Ecuador) - Secretary for Archives of the LMHI

Organized by:
Fundacion Instituto Colombiano de Homeopatía Luis G. Páez

Colombia has been selected this year by the LIGA MEDICORUM HOMEOPATHICA INTERNATIONALIS (LMHI), the international medical society for Homeopathy in the world, as venue for the INTERNATIONAL HOMEOPATHY DAY 2013 on the occasion of the birthday of its founder, Dr. CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH SAMUEL HAHNEMANN (10 April 1755). For this reason, we want to celebrate this day with an academic event, in which will treated theoretical and practical aspects about of the XXI century Homeopathic Clinic . This event will take place in the presence of LMHI President Dr. José Matuk from Mexico and the LMHI Secretary for Archives Dr. Edgar Godoy from Ecuador, as well as Government delegates, Health Authorities, and representatives from Colombia's Medical Education Associations and Homeopathic Medical Schools.

Intended for Doctors (General, Specialists and Veterinary), Students and practitioners of Homeopathic Medicine.

Edgar Godoy (Ecuador, LMHI Secretary for Archives)
Adriana Osorio (FICH Luis G. Paez)
Isabel Cristina Pinzón ( Instituto Hahnemanniano Dr. Juan de Dios Pinzón)
Dr. Fabio González (FICH Luis G Paez/ U. Juan N. Corpas)
José Matuk (Mexico, President of LMHI)
Nestor Calderón (FUNHOM)
Mario Acosta (ASCOHOM)
Alberto Zarte (AMHUS)
Luis Fernando Vargas (FICH Luis G Paez)
Carlos Riveros (FICH Luis G Paez)
Carlos Rugeles (FICH Luis G Paez).

Fundación Universitaria Escuela de Medicina Homeopática LUIS G PAEZ (FUNHOM)
Asociación Colombiana de Homeopatía (ASCOHOM)
Asociacion Medica Homeopática Unicista de Santander ( AMHUS)
Instituto Hahmenniano
Dr. Juan de dios Pinzón
Fundación Universitaria Juan N Corpas

Developing and Securing Homeopathy Worldwide

The International Homeopathy Day (IHD) will take place for the third time, it was initiated in 2010 and was then held for the first time in Slovenia, in 2011 the IHD was ccelebrated in Croatia, and in 2012 in Turkey. The personal presence of executive LMHI representatives and their political support for "younger" associations in homeopathically growing countries has proven a powerful and important tool. The LMHI officials have repeatedly noted that the respect from the government towards these associations increases in their presence. The LMHI states that "In these projects, the LMHI fullfills really its purpose of developing and securing homeopathy worldwide - as stipulated in its statutes".

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