International Homeopathy Day 2012, Turkey

The International Symposium on Homeopathy, held in Izmir, brought together important international and Turkish stakeholders to exchange information about

  • the homeopathic medical doctrine,
  • the current legal framework of medical doctors practicing homeopathy in all continents,
  • its contribution to European and worldwide healthcare systems, as well as
  • the current status of homeopathy in Turkey and the possibilities of its further development and its integration into the Turkish healthcare system.

Selling and Marketing of Homeopathic Remedies Now Possible in Turkey
As an important result of the joint meetings with the Turkish Health Ministry, the regulation regarding the selling and marketing of homeopathic remedies in pharmacies was passed by the Turkish Parliament on 17 May 2012. "The meetings we had together with LMHI President Dr. Matuk, Prime Vice-President Dr. Galassi and ECH President Dr. Nicolai in Ankara played a great role in this outcome!" emphazised Dr. Altunay Agaoglu, the LMHI's National Vice-President for Turkey.

Following the celebration of the International Hahnemann Day, the Turkish Classical Homeopathy Assosiation (TCHA) organized a seminer given by LMHI Prime Vice-President Dr. Renzo Galassi about the " Homeopathic Approach to Chronic Diseases".

Developing and Securing Homeopathy Worldwide

The International Homeopathy Day took place for the third time, in 2010 it was held in Slovenia and in 2011 it was held in Croatia. The personal presence and suppport of LMHI and ECH representatives for"younger" associations in homeopathically emerging countries has - once again - proven a powerful and important tool.

Representatives from the LMHI and the ECH have repeatedly noted that the respect from the government towards these associations increases "wherever we show up". In the words of LMHI Past President Dr. Ulrich Dr. Fischer: "In these projects, the LMHI fullfills really its purpose of developing and securing homeopathy worldwide - as described in its statutes". The LMHI plans to continue holding the International Homeopathy Day in different countries.

During the last 200 years, homeopathy has proven itself as a safe and effective medical method. In addition to this fact, homeopathy is less expensive than conventional medicine treatment. In 1997, the European Commission established that more than 100 million, representing more than 22 percent of all European citizens, had recourse to homeopathy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has placed homeopathy among five most often used non-conventional medical methods in the world. In a majority of EU Member States (with theexception of Slovenia and Sweden) homeopathy is part of regular medical practice carried out by physicians.