Education Working Group

One of the most essential functions of the LMHI is its role as the guardian and preserving institution of the timeless qualities of homeopathy. The LMHI achieves this goal by promulgating excellent Homeopathic Medical Education Standards and by encouraging all schools and homeopathic medical associations worldwide and all of their members to provide the best possible homeopathic education to their members. For this purpose, the LMHI adopted the LMHI-ECH Curriculum at the International Council Meeting in Warsaw 2009. This document presents the minimum standards of education and training in homeopathic medicine for medical doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians and dentists, agreed by all homeopathic training centers worldwide. This document provides the training requirements for a safe and effective practice of medical homeopathy and outlines the syllabus for examinations leading to a qualification in homeopathic medicine. This document also provides the basis for the accreditation by the LMHI of courses taught by organizations affiliated to the LMHI. The Education WG evaluates, together with the Executive Committee, the accreditation applications received from institutions that want the LMHI recognition