Proving Working Group

Homeopathic drug proving forms the bedrock of our homeopathic materia medica and is essential to the development of the science of homeopathy and the art of cure by similars. Over the decades, a number of methodologies and protocols have evolved. Not all of these have met the ethical and legal requirements of the Declaration of Helsinki, ICH-GCP Guidelines and other imperatives of clinical research on human subjects. Since 2013 the LMHI Provings WG has been actively engaged with the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH) Sub-committee for Provings, in the development and refinement of the Harmonised Guidelines for Homeopathic Provings (2014) which seeks to provide a single international reference for homeopaths, researchers and regulators on the essential components and parameters of an ethical, scientifically-rigorous and reliable homoeopathic drug proving. The Provings WG considers the possibility of conducting multricentric studies in various countries.