Working Groups: Operating Procedures

1. Working Groups (WG) will be co-ordinated by the respective LMHI Secretaries and they will all be overseen by the LMHI Vice President.
2. In order to join a WG, each participant must be an active LMHI member and submit an application to the General Secretary or WG secretary expressing his/her interest and objectives. Upon approval, he/she will to be named to the Working Group.
3. The maximum number of members of a WG will be 70 (seventy).
4. The members of the WG will correspond through e-mail and the Secretary will coordinate the topics they will discuss. If a member does not have an opinion about a certain topic being discussed, he/she will be asked to send at least a notification of receipt, to confirm that he/she was informed of the WG activity.
5. If a member does not participate for a period of 2 (two) years, the Secretary will automatically retire this member from the WG and its mailing list. In order to remain in contact as a WG member, members must inform the WG Secretary of any changes in their contact e-mail address.
6. The members of the WG will meet once a year, one day before the Annual LMHI Congress. Each WG will present a report of activities and projects twice a year to the LMHI Vice President, who will share this information with the LMHI Executive Committee. The first contact will be after the WG annual meeting, to send the Minutes of the Meeting and the planned projects, and the second report will be six months later.
7. Each Secretary will make a short oral presentation during the Annual LMHI Congress to report the activities that took place that year and to inform the participants of the new projects. The LMHI Congress Organization will reserve 30 minutes for this during the Congress.
8. Approximately two months before a LMHI congress, the secretaries shall send the proposed agenda of their working group meeting to the LMHI Prime Vice-President, who will subsequently, through consultation with the LMHI officers, approve it with possible suggestions. On being finalized, the Prime Vice-President will send it to all Working group members about 1 month before the meeting.
9. Non-attending members can send their suggestions on each subject of the agenda to the secretary of the working group. If the secretary finds it relevant, he may share this in the meeting.
10. LMHI has several working groups with worldwide projects to serve homeopathy and bring high quality to the homeopathic community, where every member can work.