LMHI Afghanistan-National Contact Person

Dr. Obaidullah Al-Hashmi
Afghanistan Homeopathic Medical Association (AHMA) 2018
LMHI Institutional Member Organization

City Medical Complex & Afghan Mercy Hospital;
DarulAman Road
Near Russian Embassy
1004 Kabul, Afghanistan
E-mail: doctorbrh@gmail.com
Mobile: +93 (0) 786 90 60 68

Homeopathy in Afghanistan

The fact that Afghanistan has low economic state/country of the world, it is appropriate and reasonable to adopt an affordable system as homeopathic Medical System. Several attempts by the homeopaths to be verified and licensed for homeopathic practice in Afghanistan have failed, because there is no act for homeopathy in our country, lack of homeopathic public awareness and no education syllabus, we have done uncountable struggles and work for the regulation of the homeopathy in Afghanistan from last many year, in Afghanistan the hundreds of qualified homeopaths are not able to practice in their profession as a registered homeopathic practitioner, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has not been able to issue the license to homeopaths due to unavailability of regulation act for homeopathic medical system within the government of Afghanistan. Although, there is no coordinating body in the structures of public and private sectors.
Our request from LMHI and other homeopathic organizations/institutions to help the Afghan homeopaths in the mentioned issue in near future.