Homeopathic Proving Guidelines-Harmonized by LMHI and ECH

Homeopathic drug proving is essential in the development of the homeopathic art of cure. After clinical verification of the collected symptoms, it provides a necessary tool to find the most appropriate remedy for the patient. Many theories, methods and protocols have been established. Meanwhile ethical and legal requirements have become more and more important (Declaration of Helsinki, ICH Guidelines January 1997). A homeopathic drug proving (HDP) is nowadays considered to be a clinical trial, as such these Guidelines are based on the ICH “Note for Guidance on Good Clinical Practice” (CPMP/ICH/135/95). Guidelines are not strict rules but will ensure that all relevant items necessary for a homeopathic proving respecting Good Clinical Practice (GCP) are taken into account. It will help also to obtain comparable results from provings of a same medicine in different places in the world.

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