President of Honor

Dr. Renzo Galassi President of Honor

Italy, 2013-2016

Degree in Medicine – University “La Sapienza”, Rome/Mark: 110/110 and mention of honor
He is member of the Medical Association of Macerata , reference number 1452

Since 1985 Doct. R. Galassi has been member of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis ( L.M.H.I.).
October 2001: he was appointed Italian National Vice President of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, for a triennial mandate.
In 2007 he was appointed Prime General Secretary of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis.
In 2008 and 2009 Professor of Homeopathy in the Course on CAM organized from the University of Bologna. In 2010 he was appointend in Los Angeles Prime vice President of the LMHI:
In 2013 he was appointed in QUITO – Ecuador, PRESIDENT of the LMHI. In 2016 he was appointed in Buenos Aires – Argentina, LMHI Immediate Past President. In September 2016 he was appointed Honorary Member of the Glees Academy, headed by Dr. Klaus Henning GYPSER.

He attended many national and international meetings:
1989 Guadalajara (Mexico), 1990 Seville and Barcelona ( Spain) LMHI world congress and Cancun (Mexico), 1991 Cologne ( Germany ) LMHI world congress, 1992 Puebla ( Mexico) Cordoba ( Argentina) LMHI world congress, 1993 Wien (Austria ) LMHI world congress, 1995 Oaxaca ( Mexico) LMHI world congress, 1996 Capri ( Italy) LMHI world congress, temporary chairman during a meeting, 1998 Amsterdam (Holland) and Tenerife (Canary Islands-Spain) for the first international meeting Spain- Cuba-Mexico, 1999 Salvador-Bahia (Brazil), 2000 Sorrento for the Forum 2000 on Homeopathy medicine, Budapest for the LMHI world congress, Zacatecas (Mexico) Latin American medical congress and Rome for the second FIAMO national congress, 2001 Sibiu (Romania) L.M.H.I. congress and Bologna 3° for the third FIAMO national congress, 2002 Moscow (Russia) L.M.H.I. congress, Oaxaca (Mexico), Rome fourth Italian FIAMO national congress, 2003 Graz (Austria) LMHI world congress , Rome Italian FIAMO congress: speaker. 2004 Buenos Aires (Argentina) LMHI world congress . 2006 world congress in Lucerne (Switzerland) and Rome national congress. 2007 Puebla (Mexico) LMHI world congress speaker, “Special Guest” . 2007 Roma – 1st homeopathic meeting Italy-Brasil. 2008 Oostende (Belgium) LMHI congress. November, FIAMO National congress, Verona. 2009 Warsaw (Poland) LMHI congress 2010 Los Angels (USA) LMHI congress, Mexico City – congress of 50 anniversary of Homeopatia de Mexico – Key-speaker
2011 – Delhi – India - world LMHI congress – invited speaker, 2012 - Nara – Japan – world LMHI congress – invited speaker. 2013 – Quito – Ecuador – world LMHI congress – elected world president. 2014 - Paris – France – world LMHI congress – opening and closure speeches as President. 2015, February Dakha Bangladesh – Congress of CASH, chief guest. April, La Habana – Cuba – conference for the Hahnemann Day, chief Guest. August, Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) world LMHI Congress, speeches as President. November, Izmir (Turkey) 1° National Homeopathic Congress, lecture on Chronic Miasms. 2016, February, India, speeches and lectures in different Institutions, Jaipur, University of Homeopathy, Kolkata, 29 annual conference, Hyderabad, Urban Health and Homeopathy, Kerala, Kottayam, CCRH center, conference on Epidemic Diseases, Nagpur, Homeovision 2016 congress of IIHP, special guest.