Epidemic Diseases:

LMHI Guideline for Clinical Data Collection

Historically, homeopathy always acts very well in pandemic situations. To confirm this fact nowadays, homeopaths have to collect the clinical data of their influenza patients.

The first aim is to define the "genius epidemicus", first at the office of each MD, later on in each country and finally worldwide. Taking some time for this analysis is winning time for next consultations to everybody.
The second aim will be to have the possibility to do a retrospective survey on the pandemic situation when it will be passed.

Therefore I suggest that all homeopaths in the world would try to follow a same framework or at least do not forget to write down some useful data that could be lost retrospectively if we do not think at it now.

In Warsaw, we will discuss this proposal and later on we will try to organize the data collection worldwide on a fully free and anonymous basis. The role of LMHI NVP as promoters is of course the key stone of this proposal.

Thanks for your involvement into homeopathy.

LMHI secretary for research,Dr Michel Van Wassenhoven, research@lmhint.net


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