Benefits and Advantages of LMHI Membership

What makes the LMHI an attractive and important organization in the world

Material Benefits:

  • Reduced registration fee at LMHI Congresses, the reduction is higher than the LMHI membership fee;
  • LMHI membership as a pre-requisite to submit abstracts at LMHI Congresses;
  • Automatically receive the LMHI's e-newsletter and Liga Letter;
  • Possibility to be accredited as an LMHI teaching centre;
  • Possibility to apply for the LMHI Diploma;
  • Share the learning from LMHI with your own country
  • The possibility for a country to apply for a LMHI Homeopathic World Congress
  • To have an opportunity to represent your country to the whole world
  • Access to the latest literature
  • Access to previous LMHI congresses proceedings
  • Access to the LMHI Archives in the Institute for the History of Homeopathy of the Robert-Bosch-Foundation in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Free access to the LMHI Working groups.
  • Exchange of ideas, problems, solutions at the Log in Member section (possibility of forming virtual Peer groups?)
  • Political support in case of attacks to Homeopathy in your country
  • Instant updates on the latest developments
  • Being listed in the International Member Search Function of the LMHI website

Idealistic Benefits

  • Build-up and maintain a network and personal contacts.
  • TO HAVE AND O SHOW solidarity with our colleagues in the countries with difficulties regarding development of homeopathy all over the globe
  • Loyalty to Hahnemann´s thought
  • Continuation of the doctrine, philosophy, clinics
  • Keep homeopathy as an integral and significant way of healing
  • Serious work, research, proving
  • Exchange of experience
  • Non-profit association or any kind of other interests
  • Big family and fraternity
  • Participate in its purposes, which are indicated in the LMHI Constitution. A series of purposes are established there, regarding the consolidation and strengthening of homeopathy in the world, as the founder of our art, Samuel Hahnemann, would have wanted it.
  • Setting a position about the modern homeopathic currents that are being taught worldwide
  • Having an authorized and serious word about true homeopathy, regarding: Doctrine, Repertory, Materia Medica, Research, Provings, Teaching, etc. (This could be a benefit that any novice homeopath could appreciate, given the current state of confusion in certain places.)
  • History - one (if not the first) association of this kind internationally
  • Members - Unique (ideally) to physicians and homeopathic doctors, who prescribe according to Hahnemann's teachings
  • Independence - Has no ties with pharmaceutical/government industry - which has its advantage, providing to its members freedom of practice, education, development and research of genuine homeopathic art and science without being conditioned with the financial or political support coming from those sources
  • It is honour to be part of it and contribute to the work for a better profession with marvellous people.
  • Belonging to a huge homeopathic family
  • Being a part of a rich educational heritage and repository
  • A community support
  • Intellectual access
  • A vast connectivity to many homoeopathic friends anywhere and anytime
  • Opportunities to develop oneself [academically and organisationally]
  • To share one's ideas and beliefs without being criticised with some of the best brains in the world