LMHI Congress 2013 in Quito was a great success

Logo LMHI Congress 2013 Quito, Ecuador

The 68th LMHI Congress took place from 04-07 June 2013 in Quito, Ecuador. It was hosted by the Ecuadorian Homeopathic Medical Society (SOMHE), a private and non-profit organization recognized by the Ecuadorian Health Ministry, whose members are professional doctors. The Ecuadorian Medical Federation recognized homeopathy as a specialty in 1998, giving the members of SOMHE acceptance and prestige.

The main theme of the congress was "The paradigm of Homeopathic Medicine". Approximately 400 homeopaths from 30 countries of the world followed the invitation to listen to lectures about quantum physics in and the standards and legality in homeopathic medicine.

"We are glad to welcome you to the 68th LMHI Congress. We know how important it is to share our efforts, enhance our minds and to expand our knowledge of homeopathy", highlighted Congress President Dr Edgar Godoy in his opening message.

Congress website: www.lmhi2013.com

New Executive Committee elected

At its International Council meeting on 3 June 2013, the delegates from the LMHI's member countries elected the new Executive Committee for the governance period 2013-2013.