About LMHI

General Information and Organisation Structure

LMHI BrochureThe Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) is an international homeopathic medical society established in Rotterdam on 10 September 1925 under the terms of the Swiss Civil Law. In March 2013, the LMHI moved its statutory seat to the Hahnemann City of Koethen in Germany.

The official bodies of the LMHI, frequently termed simply the Liga, include the Executive Committee, the General Secretariat and the International Council which meet annually.

Executive Committee (EC)

The Executive Committee is composed of the Executive Officers - the President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, General Secretary and Treasurer, and the various Secretaries. The EC it manages the business of the association.

International Council (IC)

The International Council is the highest authority of the association. It is composed of the National Vice-Presidents and National Contact Persons who are the links between the LMHI and the national community of homeopathic doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, etc.

Download the LMHI's information brochure here.