LMHI Publications

The LMHI offers a broad variety of publications ranging from its electronic newsletter and the traditional membership magazine to the various expert publications including basic documentation, guidelines, professional standards and promotion booklets in the field of homeopathy.

You can download the LMHI publications from this website.

LMHI Newsletter

Liga News December 2012, Number 8

Since April 2009, the LMHI has been using modern forms of communication to inform its members, as well as the general public, about its manifold activities in many different countries of the world. This electronic newsletter LIGA NEWS, published twice a year and distributed to more than 6.000 readers, has proven to be a very quick, fast-responding and up-to-date medium. You are welcome to publish this newsletter on the website of your organization and to forward it to other email-contacts interested in homeopathy and the activities of the LMHI. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter automatically via e-mail, please send a short message to media@lmhint.net.

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The Liga Letter - Annual Publication for LMHI Members

Liga Letter Vol 18, Review 2012

The Liga Letter is the traditional annual publication of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) for its members. It offers you an impressive review of the past LMHI Congress and an insight into important LMHI developements and decisions. It is edited in English by Dr. Sandra M. Chase (USA), who initiated this publication for LMHI members in October 1995, and now also translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

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