LMHI Governance

The Management and Administration of the Liga is shouldered by the Executive Committee and the International Council. The International Council meets annually on the occasion of the International Congress.  The Executive Committee may meet annually or more often. It is the interim governing body for the LMHI International Council between the latter’s annual meetings.

Executive Committee

The President, the Immediate Past President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, and the General Secretariat  comprise the Executive Committee. Disparate nationalities among them is encouraged. Its responsibility is the administration of the LMHI, which function it fills between the annual sessions of the International Council.

General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is composed of nine General Secretaries of which the Prime General Secretary is the Administrative Secretary. To that individual goes the responsibility for administrative duties and for the preparation and the execution of the meetings, including the preparation of Agendas and the recording of Minutes. He is assisted by organizational general secretaries, one each for research, educaton, public relations, ACTA and archives. Then there are general secretaries for pharmacy, for veterinary surgeons and for dental surgeons, respectively.

International Council

The International Council consists of the Immediate Past President, the President, the Vice President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Vice Treasurer, the eight General Secretaries, representatives from different countries lacking a National Vice President, and the National Vice Presidents and their Assistants.  The Council’s responsibility is the government of the LMHI. It meets annually on the occasion of the International Congress. Only the National Vice President or, in his/her absence, the Assistant National Vice President, may vote at the meetings of the International Council. The International Council has the power to alter the Procedures. It can do so by two-thirds vote of those National Vice Presidents in attendance.

The President possesses all of the prerogatives contained in the Statutes, taking office at the end of International Council Meeting that has elected him/her, [S]He presides over the International Council and the Executive Committee, the former of which s/he is an ex officio member. In case of illness or incapacitation, the Vice President assumes the duties of the President. 

The Treasurer has overview of and responsibility for the LMHI finances. S/He submits Accounts at each meeting of the International Council and proposes an annual budget. He receives the annual dues of the membership from the National Vice Presidents.