• 75th LMHI World Congress
    Turkey's unique hospitality will welcome you all in Istanbul,
    shelter of historical treasure,
    cultural inheritance and natural beauty,
    nesting in the country where Asia and Europe unite in June 15-19, 2021.

75th LMHI World Congress
16-19 June, 2021
Istanbul - Turkey

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Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)

The international homeopathic medical society Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI), established in Rotterdam in 1925, represents homeopathic physicians in more than 70 countries all over the world.

The purposes of the association are the development and securing of homeopathy worldwide and the creation of a link among licensed homeopaths with medical diplomas and societies and persons who are interested in homeopathy. The LMHI is exclusively devoted to non-profit activities serving philanthropic benefits.

Our History

Since the beginning of homeopathic history, there has been an exchange of information among homeopathic doctors.



Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis was founded in Rotterdam, 10th of September of 1925. There were 14 founding members in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, coming from 9 different countries.



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  • Sep

Happy Birthday LMHI!!!

10th September 2020 is the 95th anniversary of LMHI

  • 13
  • Apr

letter to WHO about COVID19

Letter of LMHI to WHO concerning COVID19

  • 26
  • Dec

Can we live without American homeopathy?

Practitioners around the world need to join together to stop the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from destroying homeopathy in America

  • 9
  • Dec

Access to Homeopathy Threatened by Latest FDA Action

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a new guidance that could lead to the end of homeopathy in America in less than three months.

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  • Nov

Homeopathy in the Brazilian Public Health System

Spending on homeopathy in the Brazilian Public Health System (SUS, Brazil) is negligible when compared to other medical specialties

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  • Nov

“Scientific Evidence for Homeopathy”

Special Dossier: “Scientific Evidence for Homeopathy” – Revista de Homeopatia, São Paulo Homeopathic Medical Association

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Homeopathic doctors and instutions or everybody who wants to support homeopathy can be a member

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The LMHI World Homeopathy Congresses are organized every year in a different country to create of a platform that offers to all participants the possibility to interact, to exchange professional experiences, to cultivate friendships and to learn from each other for the purposes of developing and securing homeopathy worldwide.

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The LMHI's International Council decided to establish a donations account to collect funds to be used for international homeopathic projects.

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75th LMHI World Congress
16-19 June, 2021
Istanbul - Turkey