Accreditation Of Homeopathic Teaching Centres

One of the most essential functions of the LMHI is that of being the guardian and preserving institution of the timeless qualities of homeopathy. The LIGA achieves this goal by promulgating excellent Homeopathic Medical Education Standards and by encouraging all schools and homeopathic medical associations worldwide and all of their members to provide the best possible homeopathic education to their members.

For this purpose, the LMHI adopted the LMHI-ECH Curriculum at the International Council Meeting in Warsaw 2009. This document presents the minimum standards of education and training in homeopathic medicine for medical doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians and dentists, agreed by all homeopathic training centers worldwide. This document provides the training requirements for a safe and effective practice of medical homeopathy and outlines the syllabus for examinations leading to a qualification in homeopathic medicine. This document also provides the basis for the accreditation by the LMHI of courses taught by organisations affiliated to the LMHI.

At the meetings of the International Council and the Executive Committee in Los Angeles (May 2010), the LMHI accreditation regulations have been adopted. This means that from now on homeopathic teaching programs of independent individual teaching centres, of national federations of teaching centers, or homeopathic doctors’ associations providing education and training are eligible for accreditation. Only those institutions that are members of the LMHI may qualify for accreditation of their teaching program.

With the intention to guarantee the highest possible level of homeopathic education of each of his individual and institutional members, the Executive Committee of the LMHI will examine carefully every application for accreditation, every teaching program and the examinations of students.

Once the process of accreditation is completed, the LMHI issues a certificate confirming that the teaching program, the necessary hours of the homeopathic training and the examination procedures of this institution have duly been accredited.

Once the accreditation process has been successfully completed, the LMHI issues further the LMHI Diploma for Homeopathy to those individual doctors or members of a teaching center or homeopathic medical association, who have successfully passed the qualifying examination of the LMHI Medical Homeopathic Education Standards at an LMHI accredited teaching center,–according to the described “Standards for Examination in Homeopathy”.

For further information concerning the application for the Accreditation Regulations and the Procedures please contact the LMHI office in:

1388 sok No:6/2 Alsancak 35220 Izmir Turkey


The latest version of the LMHI Education Working Group accreditation Procedures of the Schools accepted in Cape Town, South Africa 2018. You can reach the document here.

Teachers Accreditation Procedures for Solidarity Projects accepted in Cape Town, South Africa 2018. You can reach the document here.