This Code of Ethics is a set of standards regulating honorable behavior of all members, and in the spirit of collaboration and mutual support to be observed by all members in their practice, study, research, promotion and defense of homeopathy.

As homeopaths we should conduct ourselves with dignity and respect toward society, toward our homeopathic science and medicine, our organization (LMHI), to our colleagues, to people in general, and to ourselves. Hence this set of ethical premises.

It is the responsibility of every member of LMHI to be familiar with the content of this Code and to abide by it once accepted as a member of the LMHI.

This document is read in conjunction with the constitution and procedures of the LMHI, and states the ethical and moral commitment to patients, to colleagues, to homeopathy and LMHI, to society and to other health care professionals.

Section 1 Roles and Duties of a member of the LMHI


Are encouraged:

  • to pursue the purposes of LMHI which are: 1) The development and securing of homeopathy worldwide. 2) Creation of links between professionals and non-professionals interested in homeopathy.
  • to involve themselves in research, education and promotion of homeopathy within the LMHI, and in their own countries.


  • be familiar with the LMHI constitution and procedures.
  • hold our homeopathic profession in the highest standards, in terms of honesty, integrity and responsibility, regarding practice, education and research.
  • not pursue economic benefits to the detriment of homeopathy
  • follow local laws and regulations regarding their professional practice.
  • not use unprofessional, untrue, exaggerated or misleading information when advertising or promoting homeopathy.

Section 2: Respect, interacting and engaging with peers:

Members are:

  • encouraged to develop friendly collegial relationships with members all around the world pursuing unity and bonding within the organization.
  • encouraged to share knowledge and advise each other with honesty and respect.
  • encouraged to seek and strengthen the bonds of homeopaths worldwide.
  • encouraged to cooperate and work together worldwide in research, education and in the promotion of homeopathy.

Members shall:

  • treat each other with utmost respect, behave honorably with other members of the organization, other associations, and the public in general.
  • not disregard nor discredit another member ́s opinion or work but shall respectfully provide an alternate view expressing his/her own opinion.
  • clearly quote and reference the intellectual property of other authors when writing and speaking.
  • encourage each other to adhere to the LMHI constitution, procedures and ethical principles as stated in this code.

Section 3: Concerning LMHI

Members are:

  • encouraged to involve themselves in LMHI activities, such as research, education, promotion of homeopathy and LMHI, recruiting new members, attending congresses and other LMHI events, sharing their work and advice, assisting the working groups, etc.
  • encouraged to defend LMHI interests worldwide, especially against misinformation campaigns against homeopathy or LMHI.

Members shall:

  • treat colleagues and professionals outside and inside LMHI with honor, respect and honesty.
  • quote and reference LMHI documents properly and shall not use them to mislead or misinform.
  • not use LMHI name for personal benefit, or to claim any social, political and/or economic privileges.
  • not provide inaccurate, dishonest or illegal information to LMHI.

Section 4: Concerning the practice of Homeopathy

Members shall:

  • preserve and enhance the practice of homeopathy as a healing art and science following the homeopathic principles stated in Samuel C. Hahnemann´s Organon and Chronic Diseases.
  • have as their primary concern, the welfare of patients.
  • not neglect his/her own country ́s legislation regarding medical intervention and act in accordance with the respective law/s when practicing homeopathy.
  • improve, study and keep updated in their knowledge of homeopathy.
  • not disrespect other healthcare professionals but seek cooperation with them whenever possible.
  • not endanger public trust or opinion about homeopathy.
  • shall not present or publish inaccurate or false information or results.

Members are encouraged to share and publish research findings to the community.

Section 5: About commitment to society

  • Members are encouraged to spread homeopathy within society, promoting its benefits for prevention and treatment of diseases.
  • Members shall cooperate with their local public health system to promote health, prevent disease, and treat sick people.
  • Members should conduct their practice for the common good of society.


Agustin G. Salinas, MD
Altunay Agaoglu, MD
Andrea Flores Sanchez, MD


Daniel Cook, MD
Danny Pillay, MD