National Contact Person for Sri Lanka

8/20/2014 5:59:15 AM


Dr. T.C. Peiris
219 Deans Road
Colombo 10
Sri Lanka


LMHI Report

The Homeopathic Medical Council registered five more qualified homeopathic practitioners during the past 3 years. Nearly 224 hours in-house orientation courses were scheduled for practicing homeopaths. Three new homeopathic clinics were opened in several parts of the country including terrorism-affected areas, in addition to four other existing outpatient clinics. Government Homeopathic Hospital was expanded to accommodate twenty patients with added OPD units, attended by a Homeopathic Medical Specialist once a week. There was a 100% increase in the number of patients seeking in homeopathic treatment in the hospital and in several peripheral clinics. The Indian Government has offered Sri Lanka ten Scholarships to Sri Lankan students to follow a six year course of study in Calcutta University. The minimum standards required for homeopathic hospitals have been formulated as guidelines.