National Vice President for Uruguay

8/20/2014 6:21:18 AM


LMHI Uruguay- National Vice-President
Dr. María Isabel González Lago

Homeopathy in Uruguay

The Association of Homeopathic Medicine of Uruguay (AMHU) created in 1988 and with legal status since 1995, composed by doctors and veterinarians. At the present time it is the only teaching center of Homeopathic Medicine. Our association develops and promotes scientific research in the field of Homeopathy, perform postgraduate courses for doctors and veterinarians with Continuing Medical education.
Promote the knowledge of Homeopathy to the public in general through different information channels: magazines, radio, television, social networks AMHU provides medical care to low-income population
Very important legal progress has been achieved. From 1999 to the present it works the Commission for the Study of Alternative Medicines: Ministry of Public Health. In 2009 HOMEOPATHY is decreed as a MEDICAL ACT and in 2016 the Executive Power approves a Decree that establishes a Regulatory Framework for the preparation and registration of Homeopathic Medicine.
Meetings were held with the Director of Development of CLAEH, Private University of Medicine, for an Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine course.A research group was created to carry out in school groups "Homeopathic treatment of pediculosis capitis"A "Homeopathy in the community" projects that approach people in vulnerable situation, will be developing and also presented to the authorities.
In the Veterinary University Homeopathy is present in the chair of Pharmacology since 2008. This year, admission to other specialized professions was also successful with several research projects The AMHU was declared of social interest by the Ministry of Education and Culture.