National Contact Person for Poland

8/20/2014 5:00:31 AM


Dr. Tomasz Kokoszczynski
Polczynska 6/112
85-711 Bydgoszczw

National Organization:
Polish Homeopathic Society,
Homeopathy in Europe - Practice, Idea, Research
Water Logic of Homeopathy

Polish Conference on 1 October 2011, Warsaw, Poland Place: History Institute, Old Town Market 29/31 (Instytut Historii, ul. Rynek Starego Miasta 29/31)
The Polish Homeopathic Society decided to organize together with other Polish homeopathic associations and in cooperation with ECH and LMHI an essential conference about situation of homeopathy in Europe. This conference is to show the practical impact of the idea of homeopathy in medicine in some European countries and present research done in its field.

Homeopathy in Poland

The legal situation of homeopathy, it is not officially recognized, but doctors can treat homeopathically without any interference. In Poland only medical doctors are allowed to treat patients. Polish homeopaths are associated in a few legal homeopathic associations. On 4 April 2008 Poland’s Supreme Medical Council adopted a resolution disapproving homeopathy and calling it unethical. The resolution seems to be inconsistent with the Polish and European Pharmaceutical Law, which accepts a Pharmacopoeia with homeopathic remedies. The resolution aroused many protests from homeopaths and homeopathic companies.