National Vice President for the Ukraine

8/20/2014 6:18:04 AM


Dr. Dergachova Zoya, M.D., Ph.D.
Executive Director of Association of Homeopaths of Ukraine
Dekabristov Str., 12/37-84
02121 Kyiv


Affiliated National Institution:

Homeopathic Association of Ukraine,

LMHI Report Ukraine

Homeopathy in Ukraine has nearly a 200-year history and came to Ukraine during the life of Hahnemann. Since 1998, the Association of Homeopaths has been working in Ukraine, which brings together more than 600 doctors and pharmacists. Since 2003, one Congress and five national conventions of homeopaths have taken place. In November 2012, the Sixth Congress of the homeopaths of Ukraine will be conducted.

According to the Ukrainian Association there are more than 5 000 doctors practicing homeopathy in various forms. The training of the homeopaths is conducted by several state medical universities and private homeopathic schools. The most famous school is the one under the leadership of Tatyana Popova. In the major cities of Ukraine homeopathic pharmacies that manufacture medicines in functioning. The international training seminars are conducted on a regular basis. There have already been conducted the seminars by Didier Grandgeorge, George Jurj and Andre Pellegrini). Many doctors in their work are using a variety of homeopathic software.Homeopathic Association publishes the classical homeopathy journal "Journal of Homeopathic Medicine."

The Association cooperates with the Ministry of Health to establish legal instruments and for the Homeopathy to receive the legal status.

On November 30, 2011, the Association of the Homeopaths of Ukraine became LMHI Institutional member.
Developments in 2012

The VI Congress of the Homeopaths of Ukraine was held on 9-11 November 2012. The Congress brought together more than 150 physicians and pharmacists from Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The congress was opened by Anton Popov MD, PhD, President of the Association of Homeopaths of Ukraine, and by Kostinskaya Natalia MD, PhD, the former NVP. Scientific reports of the Congress were dedicated to the discussion of the methodology and philosophy. In addition, the original researches were presented. As part of the National Congress, the election of the LMHI Vice President from Ukraine was held. Dergacheva Zoya MD, PhD was officially elected as National Vice-President for Ukraine.
As for the plans for 2013 Homeopathic Association of Ukraine is going to carry the following projects:

• To create modern history of homeopathy in Ukraine.
• The questionnaire for homoeopaths and their patients “Medical and social basis for homeopathy into public health system.”
• The new edition of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health order on homeopathy.
• To create the database of successful cases of homeopathic treatment (monotherapy + laboratory diagnostic confirmation).

The most important message of the VI Congress of homeopaths of Ukraine - Ukrainian homeopaths have to unite and work together for the sake of homeopathy.