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8/20/2014 4:16:47 AM


Dr.Pietro Gulia
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National Homeopathic Organizations
• Fondazione Omeopatica Italiana (FOI),
• Federazione Italiana Associazioni Medici Omeopati (FIAMO),
• Libera Universita Internationale di Medicina Omeopatica (LUIMO),
• Homeopatia mediterranea sferha

Roma, March 2, 2020
A very short history of Homeopathy in Italy
1821- The Austrian Army occupied Naples, some military physicians were homeopaths as Dr. Necker (from Bohemia) and Dr. Ody (from Friburg) who educated the first Italian homeopaths: dr. Francesco Romani (1769-1852), dr. G. Mauro, dr. C. M. de Horatiis, and others. Romani and De Horatiis educated Dr. De’ Guidi who introduced Homeopathy to France. De’ Guidi cured B. J. Mure, who introduced Homeopathy to Brazil; De’ Horatiis introduced Homeopathy to Spain and Romani to Great Britain. It can be said that Naples helped to spread Homeopathy to Europe and South America!
Homeopathy met with instant success: in 1834 there were 500 homeopathic physicians in Italy. During the 19th century there were districts served by municipal homeopathic doctors in many Italian Regions. Between the 19th and 20th centuries many textbooks and specialized journals were published. Nowadays, the Regional Health Service of Tuscany and of very few other Regions have homeopathic outpatient clinics and ambulatories.
Presidents of Republic and many Popes supported Homeopathy; in 1966, Paul VI warmly welcomed the third Congress of Accademia Italiana di Medicina Omeopatica and fondly remembered an uncle of him who was a homeopathic doctor.
Dr. Antonio Negro (1908-2010) has been one of the leading Italian homeopathic physicians in the latter half of the 20th century. He and Dr Alma Rodriguez (1931-2018) together with Dr. P.S. Ortega and Dr. T. P. Paschero founded LUIMO (1977).
FIAMO (Federazione Italiana Associazioni Medici Omeopati – founded 1990), LUIMO (Libera Università Internazionale di Medicina Omeopatica), FOI (Federazione Omeopatica Italiana, 1980) are institutional members of LMHI. They are devoted to political, cultural and educational activities. SIOMI (Società Italiana di Omeopatia e Medicina Integrata, 1999) and SIMO (Società Italiana di Medicina Omeopatica, 1998) are other Italian organizations.
La FIAMO gets a head office and regional seats, 14 schools for doctors and 2 for vets; it organizes a yearly National Congress as well as The Hahnemann Day in main Italian cities. Since 1996 it has published a four-monthly journal: Il Medico Omeopata (last issue: n. 72 – December 2019).
Italy played host to World Congresses in 1930 (Roma – Guglielmo Marconi as a Member of the Honour Committee), 1934 (Firenze); 1959 (Firenze); 1981 (Roma); 1996 (Capri) and 2019 (Sorrento).
Dr. Renzo Galassi, from Macerata - Central Italy, is President of Honor LMHI.
Since 3 years some doctors with the help of a few public and private TV stations and main newspapers have been undertaking a violent fight against Homeopathy to discredit homeopathic doctors, to dissuade people from choosing homeopathy and to discourage young doctors from studying it. FIAMO, LUIMO, SIOMI are unceasingly and jointly reacting by press releases and information campaigns. 2019, October 28: a conference on Homeopathy took place at the prestigious seat of Senate of Republic in Rome.