LMHI Bolivia-National Contact Person

8/19/2014 6:32:11 AM


Dr. Jaime Ortiz Moreno
E-Mail: jimmyortiz-m (at)hotmail.com

Status of Homeopathy in Bolivia

The Homeopathic Medical Association of Bolivia obtained its legal status in 2004, being legally established as a nonprofit association. It aims to bring together Unicist Homeopaths under four clear objectives: diffusion of homeopathic medicine, social care consultation to people with limited resources, research, and quality human resource training in unicist homeopathy. Since its establishment, the Association has always pursued the respect for homeopathy and good practice by general practitioners and/ or specialists with solid knowledge. Within these achievements we can mention: Formation of three promotions of homeopaths, continuing education courses for trained and alumni homeopaths, inclusion of homeopathic medicine in the professional regulation of traditional, complementary and alternative medicines, and inclusion of homeopathic unicist medicine in the law of medical practice, law No 3131, recognizing unicist homeopathy as a medical act.