National Vice President for Serbia

8/20/2014 5:06:38 AM


Dr. Dragana Matanovic


National Homeopathic Organization

(Institutional LMHI Member)

Homeopathic Section of Serbian Medical Association,

LMHI Report

Homeopathy in Serbia has been legalized since the Health Law, and Regulations about Specific Conditions, the Ways and Procedure of Using Methods of Traditional Medicine from December 14, 2007. It enables all qualified medical personnel to use such methods. Homeopathy is reserved for licensed Doctors of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacists according to their licensed practice, with various levels of necessary education. The Commission of the Ministry of Health has issued the first individual certificates, which enable the legal use of homeopathy. There is a problem of a deficiency of reliable homeopathic products in this country, which points to the need for introducing some respectable foreign homeopathic manufacturers into the Serbian market.

During the 2010/11 period, 12 sessions were held in organization of SHSMS. Regular monthly sessions have been organized, where education, organization and legislation problems were discussed. Also, professional lectures were held, presenting and discussing topics in classical Homoeopathy, as well as participant’s clinical cases and experiences. This time all 12 sessions have been recognized by the State Council for the Continuous Medical Education.