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8/20/2014 3:55:51 AM


Dr. Hanna Shams
Cairo Medical Tower, Clinic 805
55, Abdul Muniem Riad
Cairo - Moheendiseen


Homeopathy in Egypt 2015


This year Homeopathy celebrates its 21st year in Egypt with about 200 trained homeopaths between the 1st group of homeopaths who trained and graduated with London International College  of Homeopathy of Peter Chapel and several following groups trained with Lakeland college UK in their program run in Cairo by Abdul Hay Holdjik, one of the first group of homeopaths in Egypt. Among the 200 trained homeopaths only 10 were of medical backgrounds. Although Homeopathy is still not legal in Egypt, 30 homeopaths are practicing with only 6 from the medical profession.

In the past few months Homeopathy in Egypt has been attacked several times on social media like twitter and Facebook due to some young mothers declaring they were advised by their homeopaths not to vaccinate their kids.

I personally was attacked in newspapers and had to close my practice for few months.

A colleague a university professor of Pediatrics was prescribing homeopathy for her patients trying  to do some research work but was asked by the head of the institutional hospital to discontinue because homeopathy was not allowed to be practiced in Egypt.

The main problem we have here is that the society of Homeopathy in Egypt has mainly members outside the medical profession and the head of the society is an engineer, which makes it of minimal credibility to the health authorities.

I am hoping that we can benefit here from applying the method of the Liga in educating more doctors in homeopathy in the near future as I believe unless we form a group of a considerable number of practitioners from the medical profession we will not be able to gain any recognition