Moldova (Moldavian Republic)-LMHI National Contact for the Republic of Moldova

8/20/2014 4:46:55 AM


Dr. Tatiana Bolbocean
Criuleni, str. Lalelelor nr. 2
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Republic of Moldova


LMHI Report

Homeopathy has begun to be practiced in the Republic of Moldova since the 1991 when a Department of Traditional Medicine (nowadays Alternative and Complementary Medicine) was founded within the Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova, with graduate and postgraduate educaţional programs developed for specialists in alternative and complementary medicine, which varies from optional courses within the undergraduate medical curriculum, to full-time postgraduate diplomas with formal medical specialty status till 2008.
Nowadays, we maintained the curriculum of courses of specialization and improving in homeopathy, as follows: - Initiation course in alternative medicine (homeopathy included) with a total duration of 2 months (312 credits). - Certification level course – total duration of 2 months (312 credits) to accquire the legal right to practice. - General training for doctors with competence in homeopathy (2-3 modules every year). - Optional course Alternative and Complementary Medicine for students integrate study Faculty of Medicine, Study program Medicine (30 hours).
In the Republic of Moldova homeopathy can be practiced only by qualified and licensed allopathic physicians. Here exists a certification system – Republic Commission for Attestation and Merit Rating. Public health authorities certify potential candidates as having the requisite professional skills in alternative and complementary medicine (homeopathy included).
There is one unified professional medical association in the Republic of Moldova – The Association of Alternative and Complementary Medicine – that unites practitioners of medical acupuncture, homeopaths and herbalists. The Association organizes seminars for doctors during the year, where homeopaths meet and share information about cases, remedies, news in homepathy in our country and over the world.
Moldavian homeopaths also attended international courses, conferences, seminars and congresses in Romania, Greece, India, Ucraine, Russia etc.
In 2008, at the 63rd Congres, homeopaths from the Republic of Moldova became a members of LMHI. Now we have a total of 34 members.
From 1997 to 2014 we published the naţional medical scientific journal "Alternative Medicine: clinical physiology and methods of treatment" – an edition designed for specialists in alternative medicine, neurology and clinical physiology. The journal published official papers as well as independently submitted scientific articles, clinical studies and cases, lectures, methodological guides, reviews etc.
In 2004 the National Council for Attestation and Accreditation assigned scientific research cipher to Alternative Medicine. This has allowed conducting broad clinical and experimental scientific research in this area.
Obviously we need a further development of policies and regulations on CAM, a more wide dissemination of alternative medicine methods.