Georgia-National Vice-President for Georgia

8/20/2014 3:58:44 AM


Dr. Ketevan Shavgulidze

Homeopathy exists in Georgia as direction of medical care system for over 20 years. Nowadays, it faces several problems: low awareness in public, among doctors and medical students; non-existence of formal education of the subject in medical universities; non-cooperative attitude between homeopaths. LMHI members in Georgia are to set a number of activities to increase popularity of homeopathy in population through social media, create efficient relationship in homeopathic community and with medical society.
Homeopathy in Georgia has been developing as a direction of medical care system for over 20 years. 16 homeopaths are members of LMHI. Homeopaths mainly have private offices in Tbilisi and regions. Family’s Clinic, founded and headed by Dr. Tornike Alashvili is a medium-size homeopathic clinic in Tbilisi.
The number of population choosing homeopathy for their health care is not big and has not been changed considerably over the years. Homeopathy has not been included in basic insurance packages yet. There is no formal homeopathic education exists in local medical universities.
Homeopathy in Georgia is neither discredited nor apprised –it stays relatively undiscovered for public, medical students and doctors. Few episodes of broadcasting on TV or radio, rare newspaper or magazine publications occur, but cannot increase awareness of homeopathy greatly. Unfortunately, medical students do not show much interest to study homeopathy and choose it as their profession; as a result, no single certification in Homeopathy has been issued during last years.
Recently, we, several LMHI members have discussed and assessed overall situation in Georgian homeopathic community and set a goal to prevail “traditional” non-cooperative, highly individualistic mindset of our colleagues, share actively common interests and troubles, and establish truly friendly attitude to each other. In parallel, we will intensify our efforts to present well homeopathy to public using mostly social media