LMHI Ecuador-National Vice-President

5/24/2022 9:00:00 AM


National Vice President of Ecuador:
Dr. Lorena Virginia Camacho

LMHI Affiliated Association (Institutional Member)
Sociedad Medica Homeopatica Ecuadoriana (SOMHE), http://somhe.org/
In the republic of Ecuador, the Homeopathy was recognized by the constitution of the country in the year 1998 and ratified by the new constitution in the year 2008, thanks a the work of outstanding doctors homeopaths and their hard work to achieve this recognition, the same that allows by right both practice and medical specialty and receive it for all citizens. In the year 2010 were recognized / approved the titles of fourth level university a 14 doctors homeopaths a through a university. The current directive of the SOMHE in search of the homologation of the titles to fourth level academic of the rest of doctors trained in different schools homeopathic, had meetings with the Council of Education Higher CES in the year 2018, achieving the acceptance for said processing by part of the State University Santiago de Guayaquil