LMHI Chile-National Vice-President for Chile

5/24/2022 9:00:00 AM


Sergio Castillo

E-Mail: ciberlonco@gmail.com

Country Report

In Chile, homeopathy throughout its existence as a country has experienced ups and downs depending on the educational trends in health in the country and the perceptions that people have of the health system.Although in the 19th century there are some mentions to the Homeopathy, it is only in the 50s of the last century when the first organizations with representation appeared and managed to position our medicine in the consciousness of the population for its results. However, this also led many people with little training to believe that only reading the homeopathy vademecun to prescribe, with some success. Only a little more than a decade homeopathy is recognized by the Ministry of Health, along with Naturopathy and Acupuncture, and requires training two years and provide written and clinical examination to be accredited. This has led to an increase in prescribers, but many of them are people without previous health knowledge. This complicates the relationship with universities and professional associations of university professionals in the area. On the other hand, the population increasingly comes closer to the natural and identifies homeopathy as an integral and integrative medicine. . This is why many pharmacies have been launched for this purpose and already large pharmaceutical chains sell some drugs for example against the flu, promoting the homeopathic, as if it were a traditional medicine. The Chilean Chapter of Homeopathy is gradually establishing itself as a reference with the presence in the media when we are invited, after requesting the invitation. We are a group of doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists that throughout our country we maintain In relation through the virtual system. We hope this year to make a small internal meeting. And from there take off. We appreciate the great contribution from the distance of Ute Fischbach and homeopathy Argentina. We hope to be channeled through our participation in integrative medicine groups a revival that will make our desire to be stronger in Chile