LMHI Iran-National Vice-President (NVP)

8/20/2014 4:14:43 AM


Marziyeh Shenavar
C2-5 Asatid Apartment
Ghodusi sharghi
Phone: +98-711 630 6477

E-Mail: shenavarm1@yahoo.com

National Homeopathic Organization: Iranian Homeopathic Association (IHA)

LMHI Report: Homeopathy in Iran

The Ministry of Health of Iran recognizes homeopathy as a legal alternative treatment. In Iran, only medical doctors can practice homeopathy. The Iranian Homeopathic Association, formed with the permission of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health, is the reference association for providing standards of homeopathy. Introducing Iranian Homeopathic Association (IHA) as the legal accreditation body was one of the great outcomes of the last year. To be considered a competent ‘MD, homeopath', the registered member should pass a standard IHA exam in the association, becoming a RIHA license holder. Number of MDs interested in learning homeopathy is increasing in different cities of Iran . One of the high standard courses which began about 16 months ago was organized by cooperation of IHA and Medical Council of Shiraz, one of the major cities of Iran . IHA is still trying to establish better ties with both Ministry of Health and the Medical Council of Iran.