8/20/2014 4:03:21 AM


Costas Tsitinidis, M.D
NVP for Greece

National Organization affiliated with the LMHI

Annual Report to the LMHI

The history of Homeopathic Medicine in Greece is interwoven with the name of George Vithoulkas, who brought, implemented, shaped and advanced this therapeutic method.
In 1965, Irene Baha, a young neuropsychiatrist, met Mr. Vithoulkas and was intrigued by the homeopathic philosophy. Baha’s dedicated her life on the study and understanding of homeopathy.
On the encouragement of George Vithoulkas, she enrolled in the Faculty of Homeopathy in London, where she graduated with a degree in homeopathy.
Irene Baha met Spyros Garzonis, a professor with progressive ideas and a curious intellect, at the University of Athens Therapeutic Clinic. Vithoulkas, Baha and Garzonis shared interest and excitement in the study of homeopathy. Spiros Garzonis, naturally inquisitive in spirit, wanted to test the effectiveness of this science in practice. Their collaboration produced exciting results. Their research demonstrated that participating patients with chronic problems who had been suffering for many years came back feeling better and excited.
In 1969, the 24th World Congress of the International Society of Homeopathic Medicine EMI took place in Athens with great success. Hundreds of homeopathic doctors from Europe and America were amazed at the capacity and progress of this small group.
Supporters of homeopathy increased and the Hellenic Homeopathic Medical Society (H.H.M.S.) was founded in 1971, the first and legally authorized body of Greek Homeopaths. H.H.M.S. has been training certified doctors, dentists and pharmacists in homeopathy for more than 4decades. H.H.M.S. is the only scientific medical company involved in the training of the Master's Degree in Classical Homeopathy at the University of the Aegean. The current three-year H.H.M.S. training program is ECH European certified and includes Medical & Pharmacology professors.
It has organized two World and seventeen Panhellenic Homeopathic conferences, as well as many other scientific events. In addition to its scientific focus, H.H.M.S. has a trade union as well, as it is the primary source of communication between the Medical Association and state agencies.
It had been represented in the Medical Association of Athens for the past 15 years. H.H.M.S. members belong to the working group on legislation of homeopathic medicine to Ministry of Health.
H.H.M.S. is a member on the board of directors of the National Athens's Medical Association and its research institute which assists with the regulation of homeopathy. In addition, H.H.M.S. has the full support of the medical association of Athens, Thessaloniki and Magnesia.
Furthermore, the H.H.M.S.has been hosting successful ECH conference in Athens under the auspices of the Athens Medical Association.
Doctors from H.H.M.S. have participated in studies conducted in public hospitals on infertility and headaches with excellent results which have been shared and discussed at international conferences.
Outpatient clinics are a great achievement of H.H.M.S. One clinic is located in the public hospital ELPIS, and the another outpatient clinic is at SOTIRIA hospital focusing on headaches and migraines.
Our aim is to overturn a previous suggestion of KESY that was negative for homeopathy.