National Vice President - France

11/3/2022 10:00:00 AM


Dr Florina CARAT
Past President of Institut National Homeopathique Francais - Paris
(I.N.H.F. - Paris),
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Homeopathy has been subject of hard denigration campaigns in the last few years and the French High Authority of Health decided the dereimbursement of homeopathy in January 2021.
One of the response emerged from this crisis period was the creation of HomeoFrance Association. This is the first multidisciplinary network which allows working together on the same platform: patient associations, health professionals, teachers, researchers, drug manufacturers.
Created in February 2020, HomeoFrance works on solutions for responsible and sustainable medicine.

To achieve this, HomeoFrance ( works to:
- Inform about therapeutics that are part of an eco-responsible medicine
- Develop research in homeopathy
- Promote university teaching of homeopathy
- Guarantee equal access to care for all
- Improve the quality of life of the French patients

Homeopathy retains a high degree of patient’s sympathy in France. A recent study, carried out in Strasbourg, indicates that 30% of patients undergoing cancer treatment use homeopathy in addition to the treatment of their disease, making this discipline by far the most widely used medical practice in integrative oncology. This represents an increase of 83% compared to such a study carried out in 2005 in the same city.
Our main concern is that these patients will soon have difficulties to find therapists trained in our medical art, as it’s a hard decision for a yang physician to engage his carrier on a denigrates field.
So, we work actively on methods to maintain the standard educational requirements needed to become a classical homeopath and on what are the conditions to introduce homeopathy in the pallet of the integrative medicine.
However, homeopathy remains in France very dynamic, with many high-level congresses and seminars and we do our best to get through this period successfully.