National Contact Person for Sweden

8/20/2014 6:00:14 AM


Dr. Kjell Söderlund
Box 47
286 01 Örkelljunga

LMHI Report - Homeopathy in Sweden

In Sweden, we are still struggling with the new rules on registration of homeopathic medicinal products, which also affects the access of the products for the practitioners. The only way to treat a patient when the homeopathic remedy is not registered or on a “free list” (on the market before 1993 and until now not registered), is to tell the patients which remedy they need so that they can buy it abroad or on the internet for personal use. This is not a secure way to treat the patient. Karin Dutina and ECHAMP arranged the 2nd Nordic meeting for ECHAMP in Stockholm in October 2007. All parts of the Nordic market were invited to a discussion about the situation in the Nordic Countries and ECHAMPs management met with Swedish authorities.