LMHI Belgium-National Vice President for Belgium

8/19/2014 6:24:50 AM


Dr. Philippe Devos
Avenue du Québec 15
1330 Rixensart

E-Mail: philippe.devos@homeopathy.be

National Homeopathic Organization:
Unio Homoeopathica Belgica (UHB), www.homeopathie-unio.be

2015 Report:

1. Regularisation of homeopathic medicine in Belgium

The Royal Decree about the practice of Homeopathy in Belgium was signed on 26-03-2014.

It was published in the Belgian Gazette (Moniteur Belge) on 12-05-2014, and became effective on 22-05-2014.

From that date, only medical doctors, dentists and midwives are entitled to practice homeopathy; dentists and midwives only within their competence.

From that date, the medical doctors could ask to the government to be registered as doctors-homeopaths. This could be done until 12/11/2014.

Since 11 october 2014 there is a new Government in Belgium and also a new Minister of Public Health (Maggie De Block)

The application of this Royal Decree is in stand-by for the moment. Indeed, some group of doctors have ask to the Council of State to cancel this Royal Decree. The Unio Homoeopathica Belgica, with the help of its lawyer, has been jumping in to bring arguments in favor of this Royal Decree, helping in such the Belgian State. So, we have to wait for about a year to see what happens. We think that those groups have no chance to succeed in their demand. Let’s be patient.

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