National Contact Person for Lithuania

8/20/2014 4:43:04 AM


Dr. Simonas Stankunas
Klevu g. 9-3, Kaunas LT-45301
E-Mail: stansimo(at)

National Homeopathic Organization

• Lithuanian Homeopathic League (LHA)

LMHI Report 2008

The first homeopathic drugstores began in Vilnius in 1864 and in Kaunas in1884, when the societies of homeopathy followers were starting. The first Lithuanian book about homeopathic treatment was issued in 1907. A drugstore of Matulaitis and Macius existed in Kaunas from 1920-1984. In 1989 the museum of medicine and pharmacy established a homeopathic laboratory, which supports scientific and research work, the improvement of doctors and pharmacists, and stores homeopathic literature. In 1992 the Association of Lithuanian Homoeopaths (LHA) was set up, the predecessors of which are the societies of Vilnius homeopathy followers and supporters of homeopathic treatment. In 1996 LHA organized courses for doctors. In 1999 the specialization of doctor-homeopath was legalized. In 2002 the League of Medical Homeopathy was set up and joined the ranks of LMHI.