LMHI Brazil-National Vice-President for Brazil

8/20/2014 3:13:00 AM


Dr. Paulo Cezar Maldonado
Rua Columéia, 60
Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Phone: +5521981697449
E-Mail: maldonadopaulocezar@gmail.com

Member Associations

• Brazilian National Homeopathic Medical Association (AMHB)
• Brazilian Homeopathic Medical Association of Rio de Janeiro (AMHERJ)

Brazil will host 70th LMHI Congress in 2015

The Brazilian National Homeopathic Medical Association (AMHB) and the Brazilian Homeopathic Medical Association of Rio de Janeiro (AMHERJ) have the honour to present their intent to host the 70th LMHI Congress in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 2015. Fancisco Vargas de Oliveira Villela, AMHERJ President and the LMHI's National Vice-President (NVP) for Brazil, rejoices in a personal letter to LMHI President Dr. José Matuk: "We are looking forward to the opportunity of bringing the 70th Congress of the LMHI 2015 to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil".
Status of Homeopathy in Brazil

The situation of Homeopathy in Brazil is undergoing an expansion process and it is now definitely a part of the Brazilian Health Public System, thus providing significant sustainable support to the PNPIC - National Policy for the Integrative and Complementary Practices within the SUS - Brazilian Unique Health System. Such results were achieved through significant contributions given by all colleagues working for the public health system in our country. The NVP for Brazil wishes publicly to thank these professionals as well as continue to offer our collaboration.

Homeopathy has been recognized as a medical specialty since 1980. Now the specialties of Homeopathic Pharmacy, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine are also recognized. The Brazilian Homeopathic Medical Association is active in 16 Brazilian states. Currently, there are 20 training courses in homeopathy recognized by our National Association training entity that coordinates with the national entity. We have a regular physician National Congress every two years. Dentistry and veterinary congresses are held congruently with medical congresses, but homeopathic pharmacy has a separate congress. Various areas of Brazil hold regional meetings annually. Currently, there is a National Program Implementation Ministry of Health of Homeopathy and other unconventional practices, but with difficulties in its implementation.