LMHI National Contact Person for Pakistan

8/20/2014 4:58:15 AM


Dr. Ghulam Yaseen
Saher Welfare Foundation,
24-Allama Iqbal Road, Lahore Pakistan.
The present era offering not only conventional form of western medical treatment, commonly known as allopathic medicine, but also a lot of other alternative treatments. Among them, Homeopathy is one of the most widely accepted and safe forms of alternative medical treatment practiced globally. Homeopathy is widely accepted in Pakistan and in practice since the time of partition. In Pakistan more than quarter population likes to get treated with Homeopathy.
There is a National council for Homeopathy, a Corporate body Constituted under Unani Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Practitioners Act, 1965 to regulate the qualifications and to register the practitioners of Unani Ayurvedic and Homeopathy. More than 150,000 Homeopaths are registered with the council. 1500 from them are MBBS doctors who completed their Homeopathic education too.In future, when you will visit Pakistan you will meet with Homeopaths in all big cities to small towns.
A number of private institutes offer 4 years diploma of Homeopathic Medicine (DHMS), while many other universities offer 5 years professional degree, Bachelors of Homeopathic Medical Sciences (BHMS), recognized by higher education commission (HEC) of Pakistan. Most of the students prefer to have a BHMS degree rather than Diploma in Homeopathy.
There are numerous Homeopathic pharmaceutical companies operating in Pakistan. They have experienced pharmacists who ensure the best quality of Homeopathic medicines. Similarly, many remedies are imported from Germany because people believe they have better curative properties than Pakistani medicines.
In Pakistan, scope of research on Homeopathic medicines is establishing. As recently, students of Islamia University of Bahawalpur discovered the anti-bacterial activity of different Homeopathic medicines. Besides this there are multiple practitioners that tend to share their cured cases on different diseases by classical Homeopathy. Various welfare organizations are also working for the treatment of chronic diseases with Homeopathy. One of them is Saher welfare foundation which is working and researching on different blood disorders. Moreover, Saher Welfare Foundation is also registered with Pakistan Society of The Family Physicians, a allopathic association in Pakistan. Who invite the president of Saher Welfare Foundation in there allopathic conference and seminars to present successfully treated cases annually and appreciate the work of foundation in the field of medicine and advancement. As research patterns are getting more advance, homaopaths and allopaths are collaborating to find the best solutions of different unknown and fatal diseases.
Although there is not much resources to enhance the community of Homeopaths in Pakistan, but some institutes and persons, on their edge are trying their level best for the growth and development of Homeopathy in Pakistan. We only need support and guidance of our pathy mates to spread this circle and enlighten its scope over the allopathy again in thunders way. It could be best possible with the support of LMHI and our international fellow physicians. Because, we believe that together we can safe lives and work with more efficacy.