LMHI Austria National Vice President for Austria

8/19/2014 6:17:43 AM


National Vice President of Austria:
Dr. Bernhard Zauner
mail: bzauner@dr-zauner-homoeopathie.net

Institutional member:
ÄKH (Ärztegesellschaft für Klassische Homöopathie)
A-4020 Linz, Südtiroler Straße 16
Tel: +43/699/17655588
Fax: +43/7242/909254
E-Mail: office@aekh.at
Homeopathy has been existing in Austria since the discovery of homeopathy by Hahnemann. In Austria, homeopathy is allowed to be used only by medical doctors. In 1994 homeopathy was recognised by the Austrian Medical Association with the ÖAK diploma. In 1975 Mathias Dorcsi, the former president of the ÖGHM, conducted the first advanced training courses for medical doctors.
Currently about 500 Austrian doctors use homeopathy in their practices, which corresponds to about 3% of all Austrian doctors. Not all of them are members of any homeopathic associations in Austria.
There are efforts and discussions with representatives of Austrian health policy with the aim of integrating homeopathy into the Austrian health system.
Now, there is only one homeopathic outpatient clinics in Austrian hospitals.
Although around 70% of patients choose homeopathy as their preferred complementary medicine method, the national health insurance funds do not reimburse homeopathic treatment, but some private insurance companies do.
Three homeopathic associations, the ÖGHM (founded in 1953), the ÄKH (founded in 1991), and the ÖGVH (Veterinary homeopaths), offer continuing education programs and cooperate in continuing education. Continuous efforts in research, publications and public relations promote the dissemination and establishment of homeopathy in Austria.
The year 2019 was again marked by attacks of the opponents of homeopathy. At the Medical Faculty in Linz, the elective course in complementary medicine took place for the first time in January 2019 with an exam at the end of the course. Homeopathy is part of the elective course.
In Austria homeopathy is criticised by the so called "sceptics", too, like in other European countries, Also in 2019 there were many attacks on homeopathy. In the media (papers, TV) there were reports about homeopathy.
The homeopathic companies joined forces and started to reorganise their public relations work with a professional PR and marketing expert.
There were talks with various representatives of the health system, including the former Minister of Health, which were not particularly successful.
The aim is a better integration of homeopathy in the Austrian health- and assurance-system.