National Contact Person for Costa Rica

8/20/2014 3:26:32 AM


Dr. Carlos José Quesada Ulloa
Farmacia Homeopática Hering: Calle Blancos, 350 m E. de Clínica Clodomiro Picado.
Costa Rica

Phone number: (506) 2257-1304

E-Mail: similio3 (at)

The homeopathy in Costa Rica exists since the year of 1890, it has been regulated by the Medical Association since 1921, this group recognized the homeopathy as a specialty in 1986 and the national authorities of Costa Rica recognized it officially in 1994 by an executive order. Currently there are 18 physicians incorporated as specialists or masters in Homeopathy in the Medical Association of Costa Rica but there is a group of around 100 physicians that prescribes homeopathy regularly. There are pharmacists incorporated as specialists or masters in their professional association. There are approximately 800 homeopathic prescribers including physicians, pharmacists, other health professionals and non professionals. The practice of homeopathy is not integrated to the social security system and is performed in the private practice only. The selling of homeopathic remedies is given by specialized homeopathic pharmacies or other regular pharmacies that include some homeopathic remedies in their stocks. The homeopathic medical services are covered by some private insurance agencies. There is not a current training offer for homeopathy, some universities include homeopathy as a topic of the regular program, but not as a complete training program. There is no current homeopathic scientific research in Costa Rica.