LMHI Estonia-National Vice President

8/20/2014 3:56:34 AM


Dr. Saima Tisler
14 Osja Road
12013 Tallinn

E-Mail. saimatisler@gmail.com

National Organization:
Estonian Homeopathic Union (EHU), http://homeopathy.ee
Estonian LMHI Report 2010

The development of EHU (Estonian Homeopathic Union) has been stable, meetings and patients discussions have been held regularly. The number of LMHI members and the number of general members within EHU have decreased due to financial implications. However, those still active, have been regularly participating in the union’s activities. Different homeopathic unions have organised several seminars and courses. While considering different schools that have influenced homeopaths in Estonia, the Belgian-Russian, Finnish, Mr.Vithoulkas’ (Greek) and British schools have remained the most dominant. Since2008, Estonian Qualification Authority has yielded 14 Homeopathic Qualifications.