LMHI Bangladesh-LMHI National Vice President for Bangladesh

8/19/2014 6:27:24 AM


Dr. Mohammed Ashrafur Rahman

Dr. Rezaur Rahman Homeopathic Foundation (DRRHF)
14, K.B. Saha Road, KalirbazarNarayanganj 1400

E-Mail: shafin67@yahoo.com

Associated LMHI Member Organization:

Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies in Homeopathy (BCASH), www.bcash-bangladesh.org
Homeopathy in Bangladesh

History of Homeopathy in Bangladesh

Since the British period, homeopathy has been spread in the Indian sub-continent. For about 100 years, homeopathy is existing in this sub-continent. Since Bangladesh became independent in 1971, an undertermined number of homeopathic doctors has been rendering homeopathic treatment dedicating themselves to the service of patients.

A Homeopathy Act was passed before the liberation of Bangladesh and the Homeopathy Ordinance was passed in 1983. In 1972, a Homeopathy Board was established. There are more than 41 Homeopathic Medical Colleges in Bangladesh and every year,  a lot of homeopathic doctors taking DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) and BHMS degree are being engaged in this profession. About 30 - 40 percent of the population in developing countries like Bangladesh take homeopathic treatment In memoriam Dr Mahiuddin Ahmed (1946 - 2013)