LMHI Armenia-National Vice-President for Armenia

8/19/2014 6:00:34 AM


Mariam Gharabaghtsyan

President of “Association of International Homeopaths”

Adress: Armenia, Yerevan, Titogradyan st. 14. Medical Center “Erebouni”

Phone : +374 91417041

Email: homoeopath@yandex.ru

Web: www. homeopathy.info.am

National Homeopathic Organization (Institutional LMHI-Member)
Armenian Association of International Homeopaths

The development of the homeopathy in Armenia goes back to October 1993 when German homeopath Sabine Zimmermann visited Armenia and from that time onward she maintains close cooperation with her Armenian colleagues. She delivers lectures equally to the young and experienced doctors.

In 1994 homeopathic school was established at the Medical Center “Erebouni” which served as a basis for foundation in 1995 of the “Union of Armenian Homeopaths” .Later the Union was renamed the “Armenian Association of International Homeopaths” after its foreign partners expressed their commitment to join it as members. Ms. Mariam Gharabaghtsyan was elected President of the Association.

In 1995 Ms. Zimmermann in partnership with her colleagues ant patients founded “Nor Arew” organization in Germany which is aimed at providing finance and promoting further development of homeopathy in Armenia.

In November 2001, by order of the Minister of the Healthcare of the RA the specialty of homeopathy was included in the list of state medical specialities.

Currently , homeopathy is a part of the state educational curriculum at the Medical University as post-graduate education. The duration of the course is one year.

In 2003 Armenia was included in the World Homeopathic Organization-the League(LIGA),the elected Vice-President of which is Mariam Gharabaghtsyan.

Starting from 2003,once in three years the “Armenian Association of International Homeopaths” in partnership with “Nor Arew” organized international homeopathic congresses in which participate world renowned doctors-homeopaths, among them Doctors father and son Pareeks(India),Doctor D. Spinedi(Switzerland), Doctor-pediatrician H.Pfeiffer(Germany).

Unfortunately we have a problem with registration of homeopathic medicine in Armenia, which has not still been resolved.