LMHI France-National Vice-President for France

8/20/2014 3:57:55 AM


Dr Yves Maillé


E-Mail: homeo@club-internet.fr

Institutional Member Organizations:

• Fédération Française des Médecins Homéopathique Classiques (FFMHC), http://ffmhc.nerim.net
• Institut National Homeopathique Francais - Paris (I.N.H.F. - Paris), www.inhfparis.com

LMHI France

As is true in many countries in Europe, medical professionals are facing retirement, as are Homeopaths. In front of this situation, we have made a bigeffort to create a basic training program for all homeopaths, classicalhomeopaths as well as pluralists.


            One of the roles of the Homeopathic Learned Society (SSH) is to regulate the educational requirements needed to become a homeopath. We believe that this is important because we are convinced that ignorance in homeopathic practice can be dangerous and the main source of misunderstanding. The SSH requires 350 hours of training, after which one takes an exam. Once the exam is passed, this allows the practitioner to be come certified by the Homeopathic French School EFH. This accreditation is then accepted by the Order of Doctors in France.


            The one exception to the regulation and training standards of the SSH is coming from a school supported by Boiron. It was found to have a poor education program. Discussions took place with the laboratory, which was made aware that it needed to put in place an education policy not only for prescribers but also for expert homeopaths.


            For a few years now,classical homeopaths have participated in these national training programs and this has established a real dialogue and friendly cooperation. A challenge we still face, however, is the homeopathic education given within faculties of medicine. The majority of the training is done within universities of Pharmacy.However, university training in homeopathy has at best 200 hours of training over 2 years. This differs significantly from our training of 350 hours over 3 years. Also to be noted, the Dean of the faculty has the power to accept such an educational training in homeopathy, or to deny it.

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