National Vice President for Venezuela

8/20/2014 6:22:23 AM


Dr. Paola Galasso
Urology Teaching Institute Valencia

National Homeopathic Organization
LMHI Report 2008

We are discussing the approval of a syllabus at the UPEL, a national experimental university, for a diploma program in registered homeopathy. It has very solid bases as all the teaching staff are graduates of the medical homeopathic school pursuing their master`s degree in education. We are convinced that the patient`s wellbeing through homeopathy depends upon our efforts to improve health policies. The main contribution is knowledge for achieving social and academic transformation; therefore, our short-term goal is the presence of homeopathy in universities, a priceless tool in promoting the humanistic knowledge of medicine. We want to foster education and research to extend homeopathy toward social service and health care, and are thankful in advance for cooperation from Liga, so that together we can give homeopathy its deserved recognition.