The current pandemic castigating the world is a Coronavirus, the SARS-CoV-2 the same family as other SARS and MERS viruses, which caused their own respective epidemics a few years ago. This virus causes the COVID-19, with various disease manifestation, mostly in the upper and lower respiratory systems, but also in the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, skin, and nervous system, as well as other more rate manifestations. This virus is not like the flu virus, and often mistaking them may make the situation worse. The infectiousness and lethality of this Covid-19 virus is greater than the influenza/flu virus, whose deaths are nevertheless very large in total numbers; however, the Covid-19 kills more quickly and spreads more quickly, so it is critical to control its spread quickly.

The Liga Medicorum Homoeopathics Internationalis (LMHI), in collaboration with the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH), researchers, associations, and clinician members, has arranged for several database systems for practitioners to contribute their clinical of patient’s treatment, while following confidentiality rules, during the Coronavirus CoV-2 epidemic, and the manifestations of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.

Practitioners all over the world can add current clinical experiences to that of many other colleagues and make a greater sense of the accumulated data, which could help people more broadly to practitioners around the world to manage this epidemic.

Our goal in this process is threefold:

  • 1. Collect and analyze information from dully licensed and experienced homeopathic practitioners
  • 2. Improve the quality of the information collected through scientific and peer-reviewed clinical outcome data.
  • 3. Disseminate the best reliable information broadly, outside the homeopathic community

With this purpose we regularly publish a newsletter on Covid19 data collected around the world.