National Vice Presidents Or National Contact Persons

The National Vice-Presidents and National Contact Persons are the permanent link between the International Council and the national homeopathic organizations.

  • They shall send the report of every International Council Meeting or Congress of the LMHI to the homeopathic journals of their respective countries.
  • They shall submit to the LMHI an annual report of the activity and development of homeopathy in their country. Annual reports must be sent to the General Secretary and a summary of annual report (up to 130-word paragraph) should be sent to the LMHI Secretary for the Newsletter for “The Liga Letter” at least one month before the meeting of the International Council.
  • This directory must be sent to the LMHI Treasurer by March 31st or at the latest, one month before the meeting of the International Council along with the collective membership dues. The directory should include names, surnames, professions, addresses, telephone and e-mail addresses of each member of the LMHI institutional member together with the total number of the organization members, if the law of that country permits. In countries where complete information disclosure is not permitted by law, then at a minimum, the name and surname of each member and the total number of members of the organization should be submitted. This member information should be signed by the president of that national organization to confirm the validity of the submitted information.
  • They shall do their utmost to make the LMHI a strong, representative and global organization. To this end, they shall strive to include all national professional homeopathic associations, institutions or individuals into the LMHI in accordance with § VI and § VII of the Constitution.
  • In countries where there is an agreement with the LMHI institutional member to pay their national membership fee after March 31st, the president of the association should send a signed letter to the LMHI General Secretary and Treasurer requesting a special deferment of the payment of their LMHI annual membership fee. If the fee is not paid 30 days before the date of the LMHI Congress, the members of such an association are not eligible for the reduced LMHI Congress fee for that year.
  • They shall do their utmost to attend the International Council meetings and the LMHI congresses. If an NVP cannot attend, they should send a representative who should be an LMHI member. If a representative is not able to attend the meeting, the general secretary should be notified at least 3 months prior the meeting.
  • If an NVP fails to demonstrate active participation in their role, i.e: being an active liaison, answering e-mails, submitting a rearly report etc. for a peroid of 3 years, they will be requested to step down and a replacement sought..
  • They shall inform the general secretary and the secretariat if their contact addresses or the contact addresses of the institutional members change.

The Executive Committee shall provide supporting supervision to NVPs and NCs. The Executive Committee reserves the right to request a change of NVP and/or NC if he/she fails to fulfil his/her responsibilities (as described above) for two (2) consecutive years.


There are three categories of LMHI membership:

Institutional Members are National Homeopathic Organizations and Institutions. Their members are medical physicians, veterinary surgeons, dental surgeons and pharmacists with a full degree in the respective field from a National University, Faculty, Examining Board or Licensing Authority recognized by the government of the country of their citizenship and practice. They have obtained special training in homoeopathy for which they possess LMHI recognized diploma(s) and apply the Law of Similars in their practice.

Individual Full Membership is possible if there is no national organization that offers institutional membership.

Associate Members are all other persons with qualifications recognized nationally. They have undertaken LMHI-recognized homeopathic training and include medical students, mathematicians, chemists, physicists, licensed naturopaths, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants and generally all who are able by their endeavours to advance homeopathy.

Each country is represented by a national chairperson, the National Vice President (NVP).